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Challenge Problem #3. Wide Area Motion Imagery Track Linking

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State-of-the-art tracking algorithms for Wide Area Motion Imagery (WAMI) data are able to produce short high-confidences tracks of moving objects. The descriptive and analytic value of these tracklets is greatly increased if they can be accurately stitched or linked together into longer tracks following the same target in the imagery.

An improved solution to the linking problem could significantly advance WAMI analyst tools, and find use in military as well as civilian applications.

Problem Overview

This challenge targets the problem of track linking which is the process of identifying a set of tracklets which share the same ground target, and stitching these together to produce a longer duration final track describing the motion of the target for as long a timespan as possible.

Publicly released LAIR dataset from AFRL will be used to explore the problem. The LAIR data covers approximately 64 square km over a duration of about 21 minutes. Manual groundtruth tracks for all moving vehicles in the scene have been provided for the first 14 minutes.

The Kitware tracker will supply moving object detections and high-confidence, short-duration tracklets.